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Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing with Autism: Erick Svoboda (Salem,Oregon)

**** UPDATE: FOUND!!! ****

Local police won’t help the family of a missing autistic man in Salem; they are asking for the public’s assistance.

(SALEM) – The family of a 30-year old Salem man described as autistic, is very concerned about the man’s recent disappearance. The family of Erick Svoboda, says he went for a bicycle ride around the neighborhood before dinner on Friday July 16th.

He has not returned. He has no friends that he goes to visit, and we are all afraid that he has come to come serious harm or injury.

Jan Brown, representing Erick’s family, “The Salem police will not actively look for him, even with his Autism because he is an adult. Only when it is considered a Criminal Investigation will they actively look for him.

“We are all saddened & outraged and this needs to be brought to the attention of the MEDIA in the state of Oregon to put the pressure on the Police Dept to start searching for him. How do they know if there is a criminal investigation if they won’t even search for Erick Svoboda?”

Erick is a 30-year old Autistic adult who will “agree to almost anything he is asked to do, and who is vulnerable to the world because he believes everything that he is told”.

He will respond when spoken to. Erick is not violent, his family stresses; he will withdraw even if voices are raised a little, will look at the ground when spoken to, and does not like eye contact.

A full Press Release will be posted soon. For now the family asks everyone reading this to please get the word out, someone may have seen Erick.

“We want him to return home to his family.”

Thank you in advance, from Jan Brown on behalf of Erick Svoboda’s family. If you have information on Erick Svoboda, please call the family at: 503 588-5429.


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