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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Child with autism wanders, gets hit by car

Autistic child hit by car as a result of wandering

In St Paul, Minnesota on Thursday, five year old Godswill Udoh was struck by a car after he wandered from his home. Godswill’s mother states she left him in his room playing while she went to feed her two toddlers. When she went back into his room he was gone. She called 911 and began searching for her little boy. When she went outside to search they heard a commotion. She went over and they told her some little boy got hit by a car. This story is made more tragic as the car who hit the child ran off. They did not stop. There is a park across the street so there were witnesses to the incident some of who even chased the car but failed to get the license plate number. Police say his small body was flung onto the hood at which time his head struck the windshield. At this point he was propelled over the top of the car and landed in the street. Witnesses stated that there where three people in the car. How could anyone do something so vile? I cannot imagine anyone to be so heartless; to know you have hit a human being, a child no less, and you just keep going. We pray for Godswill’s recovery. We pray that those in the vehicle will come forward. We pray that no other child meets this fate as a result of wandering.

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