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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Autism 911

Families of autistic children in Wilton now have another option of added safety, joining several communities across the state.

The Wilton Police Department launched a program during the first week in June called Autism Awareness 9-1-1, in which families of autistic children can let local emergency personnel know about the child’s condition.

The program, coordinated in the Nashua area by Gateways Community Services, is designed to help avoid any potential undue conflict from social misunderstandings between the child and the officer, particularly in instances with lost children where misunderstandings could create conflict.

Wilton Police Chief Brent Hautanen thinks the program will be useful.

“From a law enforcement perspective, the more information we have, the better our response is going to be,” Hautanen said. “If we have a child that’s missing that’s autistic, the faster we can get that information, the better we’ll be able to handle that call.”

Source / Full Article : Police in towns using Autism Awareness 911

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