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Friday, September 16, 2011

Autism, CPS and Wandering | Autism Key

We recently had this same dilemma. Our house is usually a fortress, but moving requires lots of open doors. We even had someone watching my daughter and still almost lost her that day. 10 minutes of freak out later, we found her hiding in a closet. These parents did not have the child tied down, but tethered to something. I am not saying that is a great idea, but I can see how it can happen. I have actually tethered my daughter to ME when staying in a hotel for fear of her wandering. These parents need help, not condemnation and their kid taken away.

Autism, CPS and Wandering | Autism Key

Joshua Robb, an eight year old child with autism has been successfully rescued after running away from his elementary school and being lost in the San Bernardino National Forest for over 24-hours.

“Thank you … you saved me,” were the boy’s first words to rescuers — words made all the more poignant because he rarely speaks and his parents doubted his ability to appreciate his circumstance.

Those parents had lost custody of him to Child Protective Services (CPS) because they had tied him to a chair while they were in the process of moving from their recently foreclosed house. Apparently, they felt it the only way to guarantee that he would not run away in the confusion and chaos of packing and clearing out of their home.

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